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Agnes - Trip Advisor - November 2019

Amazing experience

"I've been to a lot of escape rooms, but this one was one of the best experiences I've had so far. Besides the storyline being nice, the cool decor and the friendly stuff, I especially liked that 1. the place was super tidy and clean (a lot of escape rooms aren't) and 2. everything was automated, so there was no forcing doors&drawers. Big thumbs up!"

Cristian Dragan - Google - December 2019

"An experience worth trying
Congratulations on the idea of ​​automating everything
Very welcoming location
Very friendly staff
I recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new
We are waiting for other rooms! "

Balint Jozsef - Trip Advisor - November 2019

   "Cluj Napoca finally has a real deal Escape Room!

I had the chance to test Escape Factory 's first room yesterday.
Up until now I maybe experienced @30-40 escape rooms and if the best two ones (both of them in Bucharest) would be a 10, the "Navigatorii" would score at least an 8.5 compared to those. Most definitely it hits my Top 5, and by far it's the best one there is in Cluj.

   The storyline is great and the way you progress through the game actually makes a whole lot of sense when correlated to the story you hear before entering. It's so good, it can actually be true. It took me no longer than 10 minutes to forget that I'm inside a room that I should presumably escape from. The game was on early enough :)

   The design is not jaw dropping [for Cluj it is...], but it's still flawless. Given the setting of the room, the only thing they could have done better would have been to make the entire floor to be moving. And from what we heard, at one point they actually wanted to do that! Otherwise, everything is perfectly executed and the attention to details deserves a hats off.

   Puzzles are unique enough to be a challenge for a person who has seen dozens of rooms before and are all fair/logical (which is extremely important to me). Nothing is stupid, nor frustrating. Difficulty wise, they are just as they should be. From teamwork based puzzles to ones where one of you has to come up with the sparkling idea and then work with the others, the room has it all; and being linear, everybody gets to enjoy all the puzzles.

   The room is fully automated! As it should be until we invent a new game changer :) [Ok, there are locks in one part, but it would be stupid to have anything else other than locks in that situation.]

   The only problem with Escape Factory so far is that they don't have a second room to go to right now :) "Navigatorii" was such a pleasure to play, that it completely reopened my appetite for escape rooms. And that's something not a whole bunch of rooms succeeded so far [writing this 20 hours later, I still think about how good it was].

   So, thanks Escape Factory for bringing the escape room situation in Cluj to 2019.

   Respect, Alexandru Serban for your passion and drive into finally creating this. I say you may already be proud of what you've done so far.

   Congratulations, G00 for the outstanding results and brains you came up with while transforming ones crazy ideas into reality.

   I really hope to see more of your guys work ASAP. Congratulations to all involved, once again."

Andrei Popa - Facebook - November 2019

"I was for the first time in an escape room and I didn't know what to expect. I thought it was quite boring for the corporations to do team building. I changed my mind. You see that the puzzles are designed by one person. passionate about it, it puts you to the test and keeps you in the grip. 10/10 would try future puzzles there. I was for the first time in an escape room and didn't know what to expect. I thought it was pretty boring. for corporations to make team buildings. I changed my mind. It turns out that the puzzles are designed by a person who is passionate about something, puts you to the test and keeps you in the grip. 10/10 would try future escape games there. "

Razvan Stanca - Facebook - November 2019

"By far the best and the most complex in the city, everything is automated, besides the clues you need skills and teamwork, you are not bored at all, nor do you realize how time flies.
I recommend with all confidence. "

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