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The newest and most innovative escape room in Cluj

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2-8 players ( Recommended for 4-5 )

Difficulty - 4/5

Game time: 90 minutes

Minimum age: 12 

In the year 1770 Captain Hook goes in the search of a treasure whose only location he knows. The purpose of the players is to break free, find the hints left by Captain Hook on the ship and navigate his ship to the treasure.

Players have 90 minutes to find the treasure!

The room is 90% automated, the first of its kind in Cluj-Napoca and offers a new experience for the fans of Escape Room games and more!


They finished the game with:

  • 0-2 clues - 15%

  • 3-5 clues - 27%

  • 6-9 clues - 36%

  • 10+ clues - 22%

Times spent in the room:

  • 55-60 minutes - 1.6%

  • 60-70 minutes - 9.3%

  • 70-80 minutes - 29.6%

  • 80-90 minutes - 59.5%

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3-6 people (recommended 4)

Difficulty - 3/5

Game time: 80 minutes

Minimum age:14

March 4, 1952 A group of explorers set out in search of Dracula. The clues lead him to the foot of a mountain in Transylvania where the locals say he would live. Explorers venture into the mountains and are trapped in what appears to be an abandoned mine. You have 80 minutes to find the way out of the mountains, and, who knows, maybe Dracula? The camera is 100% automated

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2-6 people (recommended 4) 

Difficulty - 5/5

Game time: 80 minutes

Minimum age: 16 years

Hades fell in love with the priestess of this temple and stole her. The honorable Athanasis, a famous warrior, vowed to return her, but to do so, he had to have the support of the Olympian gods. They tasked him with all kinds of dangerous and heroic work. And so, you, Athanasis' friends, will have to be the ones to actually go to Hades and find the priestess's stolen soul, while Athanasis risks his life to amuse the gods. I know all this because I am the Oracle of Thebes... and I hear the gods. You will have to prove them. Perform rites that will prepare your soul for the katabasis...the descent into the underworld.


Escape Room Cluj - Escape Factory

  • An Escape Room is the perfect place for a successful team building.

  • Teamwork is essential and beneficial for the teams  development and progress, the Escape Factory experience offering just that.

  • An escape game the teams increases  efficiency and involves problem solving activities.

  • We offer packages, competitions between teams and special prizes on request, for groups larger than 50 people.


For more details we expect you to contact us at the e-mail address or at the phone number in the "Contact" section



Escape Room Packages - Escape Factory


2 people - 190 lei (90/pers)

3 people - 240 lei (80/pers)

4 people - 280 lei (70/pers)

5 people - 325 lei (65/pers)

6 people - 390 lei (65/pers)

7 people - 420 lei (60/pers)

8 people - 440 lei (55/pers)


For Reservations click the "Book Now" button below.


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Working Hours

Escape Room Cluj - Escape Factory

Monday - Sunday: 12 - 22

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Strada Traian Vuia 4, Cluj-Napoca 400387, Romania


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